Epoxy FP Solventless Self-leveling Paint
Epoxy FP Solventless Self-leveling Paint

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  • Size: 5Kg, 20Kg
  • Made in : Viet Nam
  • Guarantee : 12 months
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Product Details

DESCRIPTION:  A two packs polyamide cured epoxy based coating.

USE: High performance self-levelling floor coating in epoxy protective coating system where chemical and abrasion resistance is required. Suitable for steel and cement concrete surfaces


  • High gloss
  • Superior corrosion resistance and adhesion
  • Excellent chemical, water and salt water resistant
  • Excellent mar resistance


COLOUR                                       Green, Grey, beige, red oxide, yellow oxide, other as require


FINISH                                           Gloss


TECHNICAL DATA                   Packing: 16 Kg/ Set, 4 Kg/Set

                                                        No. Of Components: Two

                                                        Viscosity (28 oC): Approx. 115-130 KU

                                                        Mixing Ratio: 3 (Base): 1 (Hardener) by weight

                                                        Pot Life (28 oC): 40 mins

                                                        Specific Gravity: 1.1-1.3

                                                        Volume Solids: Approx. 100%

                                                        Flash point: 24oC        

                                                        Hardness: HB-H


Application method: Special Tool

                                                        Thinner: N.A.

                                                        Shelf life: 12 months

                                                        Spreading rate: 0.9 m2/ Kg/ coat

                                                        Dry film thickness: 1000 microns/coat

                                                        Drying time:  Surface dry: 5 hours at 28oC

                                                                                        Hard dry: 24 hours at 28oC

                                                        Recoating interval: Min 24 hours, Max 14 months at 28 oC




 Surface preparation: For general usage such as tie coats, etc, ensure a clean, dry substrate     

 STORAGE:            Cool, dry, well ventilated shaded areas


l        No excessive heat, sparks or flame

l        Use adequate ventilation. Avoid prolong contact with skin. Avoid breathing of vapor and spray mist. Use protective equipment. If the material comes in contact with the eye, immediately wash in running water for 20 minutes and obtain medical treatment. Observe all safe precautions

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